Saturday, February 20, 2016

I'm making cookies all by myself

I had a video of M from 4 years ago mixing up some cookies.  As she mixes them she starts to sing "I'm making cookies, all by myself.  I'm not needing help! No...."  It's an awesome video.

Today M made a batch of cookies, using a recipe!  I never use recipes and the kids understand that that isn't actually a good thing.  Or so dad gently prods...  The recipe was gigantic so we had to divide it by 4.  M did all the calculations.  I had to help her with dividing 5 cups by 4.  She got impatient and said "We just need to make them!"  I informed her that if she wasn't going to learn, she wasn't going to make cookies.

They were really good.
This is M having a good time cleaning out a pumpkin.  This girl is awesome.  She also loves to pick a chicken.  I enjoy that too, we're strange like that.

We have a cooking station set up now for the kids.  It's pretty awesome. 

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