Monday, August 13, 2012


 For a long time; in her relatively short life, M wanted to be a dentist.  I worried that if she set her cap on this,  she might find herself 100s of thousands of dollars in debt for a career that would pay really good.  That makes it hard to stay home and raise kids.   I came up with the plan that she would get a dental hygienist certificate, so she could at least work through dental school.  Then one day M decided she would let her husband get a job and she would raise the kids.
Last night I told M a bedtime story all about how M would grow up and get a job and save money for college and a mission.  Then she would go to college and a mission.  And then she would go and do the things she had studied for.  And then one day she would get married and have children.  She asked me about that. 
I was glad I could tell her that mom worked as a custodian, and a librarian, and a carpet layer, and a telephone marketer, and a teacher, and a secretary for a lawyer, before I had children.  I also told her all the jobs daddy had over the years before he got to have a job that let him stay home with us.