Thursday, October 13, 2011


M's a talker. She's always got a question or a song, often both at the same time. We've been working through our description of Grandpa S's work over the years. Grandpa S is an entomologist. He studies fire ants. Specifically, as I understand it, he studies a tiny fly that is a natural predator of the fire ant.

"Grandpa S loves ants! We should take these to him" is a common request from M.

So we tell her that Grandpa actually studies ways to kill fire ants. "Grandpa kills ants!" She'll exclaim. How can someone love something and kill it.

Today we came upon the answer that made everyone happy. Grandpa S loves the earth and he wants the animals to be balanced so that people don't have to kill them with poison.

"Do you love the earth M?" I asked.

"Yep and so does grandpa!"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No bad guys

M, bP and I went on a night run to Publix. We could go tomorrow while G is at school but as I am finding, it is really nice to go at night.

1. There is no sun!
2. Much better parking options.
3. I've already had dinner so I'm not as impulsive.

When we pulled into the parking lot M said "No bad guys." She went on to say "No vampire bats, check." She got out of the car and scanned the parking lot "No pirates, check."

I love this little girl. Now for $40 I have dinners planned for the next 3 weeks. Nice!