Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some of the ways you know you love me

When M was 3 she got in a groove of asking periodically for me to tell her some of the ways that I know I love her. Sometimes this was a spring board for moralizing. "Some of the ways I know I love you is that I make sure you are buckled up in the car."
Mostly it was an incredible opportunity to explore what it means to love people, and remind her that she is loved.

We would also discuss the ways we knew she loved me, how dad loved her, how dad loves me etc...

This was the beginning of our serious conversations. Still enjoying this little girl with all her questions and wonderful ideas.

2 wheels

For 5 months M has been begging me to let her ride without training wheels. G was just starting to be able to ride without training wheels so I wanted him to have a chance to learn first. He figured it out and then when we got him a bitter bike we put the training wheels back on the little one for M. After just 2 months on training wheels she was sure she could do it without. So one day I let her try cruising down the hill in the back yard. Voila! She did it!

Today we took the loop around the block (1 mile) and she made it the whole way on her bike with just one little crash. She's a trooper. I love watching her grow up.