Tuesday, March 28, 2017

hands for work and play

M likes to make things.  She's made this apple swan a few times now.  Next month she'll be getting paid to make balloon animals at a school fair.  She continues to do awesome things on the piano and climb trees like crazy.
She's figured out how to spin around on this cloth hung between trees.  And her gymnastics class is teaching her the proper names for this, and she's getting to do cool things there also.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thou Shalt Not

Thou Shalt Not steal several packs of gummy snacks and put them in a heart box.
When I ask you where you got them Thou Shalt Not tell me that you've been saving them from the times everyone gets one for B buckling up.

Thou Shalt Not sneak the movie player under your bed.  When I ask you where the power cord for my tape player is, Thou Shalt Not tell me you don't know, when you took it to power the movie player.

Thou Shalt Not sign my initials on your practice record.

I don't know what to do with children who have been so dishonest in the span of 1 week.  So far this child is missing out on the awards party for soccer.   She shows no remorse for having lied, only for being caught.  When she lies, I don't feel mad, I just feel dead inside.  Like, why do I ever do anything nice for someone who is just going to lie, cheat and steal.  I do love her and pray she will learn how to be better.  In the mean time I'm going to give her more work to do so she has less time to be a sneak.