Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Warming hearts every day

M is a great signer. She doesn't remember to often, but when she does it just makes my heart burst. The other day she was praying (another thing she is reluctant to do often) that the hurricane would not hit grandpa C. She signs each word so carefully and wiggles her fingers as if she is fingerspelling when she doesn't know the word, or if it is in fact a word we fingerspell.

Yesterday when we went to pick up G from school she was telling G about how there was a "crack in my shoe because a little piece of wood go inside my shoe!" The onlooking adults all had their hands on their hearts at the beauty of it. The principal told her "That helps him understand". M smiled and burried her head into the stomach of Pebbles, the 4 foot teddy bear.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

love the brother

One day M stayed with some friends while I took Geoff to speech. On the way home we went to the bank and got lolipops. When G gave M hers, she said "You see! I do want to marry him!"

Poor M wants to be just like her brother in every way. Including wanting to wear boys clothes to church and wanting to pee like a boy too. Oh brother.