Thursday, January 8, 2015

I wouldn't let that happen!

M loves grapefruit.  Our neighbor gave us a grocer bag full from her trees.  She also gave us a pomelo.  We peeled it carefully to make a funny hat.  M set to eating it very happily.  She wanted me to come help saying "I can't eat the whole thing myself!" 

I replied "You don't have to."

And she exclaimed "And let it go to waste!?  I won't let that happen."

I let her know that she could save some for another day.  Phew!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


I'm not sure what triggered it.  Last night M wiped down the table and cleaned out the car.  Then she contrived with P to make breakfast for us and let me sleep this morning.  What a sweet girl. 

We've also been having fun with a program called Mario Paint Composer.  It lets you write music onto a staff with sounds from the Mario games.  It's pretty awesome.  M loves writing her own crazy stuff.  She's also willing to write out her Suzuki music with crazy sounds.

M also loves this halloween sweater my neighbor gave me.  I love it too.  And I love her so much.