Thursday, November 17, 2016

New shoes

M has heretofore had used shoes with the exception of a few pair of church shoes over the years.  I feel like play shoes can be second hand.  Church shoes can also be second hand, but if we can't find any that look decent, I'll get new ones, because it's church!

Recently I got some new shoes for M and decided to also order a pair of saltwaters for her.  Her running shoes had the soled coming off and gorilla glue didn't fix it.  When the new running shoes came they were more white than the silver I thought.  Oh well.  The new sandals were visibly worn.  When I called the company they gave me a full refund and gifted us the shoes.  What a nice turn around.  I'm glad I am ok with used things, and I'm ok with calling the company if new items are not in new condition.