Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Away in a Manger

On Sunday M was to play "Away in a Manger" as part of the program.  B is always asleep when we get to church so P stays outside with him.  I sit in the pew with the 3 big ones that try to make each other scream.  lP tries to head but me quite often. 

So we were there having our usual drama when lP started to attack M.  So I took lP out into the hall.  A short while later I hear M start to play.  So I stuck my head back in to watch her.  Poor little girl, with no parents, goes up by herself to play, cool as a cucumber. 

This was the most people she has ever played for and she did it without either parent there, as far as she knew.  I love her independence.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Not just piano

M bought a balloon animal kit at the dollar store. 

M caught a lizard, built it a terrarium and named it Bob.

She amazes me with her abilities.