Saturday, October 31, 2015

the costume that never was

M doesn't decide what she'll be for Halloween.  About a week before the date, she'll suggest something.  Then the day of, she'll change her mind 5 times.  Actually, all this process is spaced even further out from the day.  There are a lot of festivities here for Halloween.  We had a carnival at the Library and trick or treating at the local college on Wednesday.  M dressed up like this on Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday, she wore a horse costume that was too small. 

Friday night we had Trunk-er-treat at church.  M wore a lion costume that is too small. 

Tonight is Halloween.  We're going out in about 30 minutes and she's talking about riding bikes around the block.  Not riding bikes for trick-er-treating.  Just going on a bike ride.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

animal lover

M loves animals.  We are not the sort of parents to let her have a pet.  But we try to seek out opportunities for her to be with animals.  This weekend she got to feed a cow named Penny.  On Fridays she goes over to a friends house and cleans cages to get some pet time.  The friend has 10+ bunnies of various ages.  She also has 3 birds, a frog, fish and snake.  My friend has MS, and her 10 and 7 year old boys aren't into cleaning cages.  My friend loves how M says "This is the best day of my week." as she sweeps rabbit poop.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


M's really enjoying having a strong and healthy body.  She can climb up to the top of the swings at the library playground and terrify all the parents.  She can do 10 pull ups.  She's so able.

Tonight when she used her fingers to get a slice of peach out of a can, that she had opened, she got in trouble.  She rarely gets hurt so she doesn't know that she could have cut her finger severely with that move.