Thursday, August 18, 2016


For some reason everything is happening on the last weekend of August this year.  Choir, Activity Day girls, a free day at the Science Museum (usually $70 for our family).  M decided that the Stake Activity Day activity was the thing she most wanted/needed to do.  After church she was crying about how her primary president had told them that they needed to put church above other things.  I explained that that was about going to church, not extras.  Still she persisted.  So we discussed that she may need to quit being in choir if she was going to miss a performance.  She was fine with that.

M has a strong fey streak.

I discussed the situation with P and we agreed to ask the choir director if it was ok.  She email back that it was fine.  I put all future concerts on the calendar.

M went to choir practice and came home all excited to go to the choir performance instead of the activity because there was a T-shirt and pizza and 3 performances on 1 day and a tour of the castillo.  We could see that she was not choosing based on anything other than the amount of fun she anticipated having and it was not based on whether she was going to be letting anyone down.  Bummer.  We would have preferred that she participate in the activity where she had a role and responsibility to attend.  But now we have to make it a lesson about doing what you said you would do and not just doing whatever is most tempting.