Thursday, February 19, 2015

criming while 7

B was asleep so I asked M to get some bread from the bakery thrift store.  It's a 1 room store and you park right in front of the store.  So I parked and could see her through the front doors.  I'm a little picky about the bread so I asked her to bring them to the door so I could give her a thumbs up or down.  She brought by a few loaves.  I wondered why she had no idea what kind of bread we buy.  But usually she spends the whole time in the store trying to convince me that we need to buy some sugary snack cakes. 
  So finally she brings a bag that looks like what I want, but I'm not sure.  I give a thumbs up, then a thumbs down and she walks out of the store to give me a better look.  So I dash out of the car and tell her not to shoplift.  Then I leave the kids in the car, to look myself.  There is none of the kind I want so I gave her a loaf of the least yucky kind.  Then I dash out to the car, 10 feet away.  M finishes buying the bread.  We live happily ever after.