Thursday, October 13, 2011


M's a talker. She's always got a question or a song, often both at the same time. We've been working through our description of Grandpa S's work over the years. Grandpa S is an entomologist. He studies fire ants. Specifically, as I understand it, he studies a tiny fly that is a natural predator of the fire ant.

"Grandpa S loves ants! We should take these to him" is a common request from M.

So we tell her that Grandpa actually studies ways to kill fire ants. "Grandpa kills ants!" She'll exclaim. How can someone love something and kill it.

Today we came upon the answer that made everyone happy. Grandpa S loves the earth and he wants the animals to be balanced so that people don't have to kill them with poison.

"Do you love the earth M?" I asked.

"Yep and so does grandpa!"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No bad guys

M, bP and I went on a night run to Publix. We could go tomorrow while G is at school but as I am finding, it is really nice to go at night.

1. There is no sun!
2. Much better parking options.
3. I've already had dinner so I'm not as impulsive.

When we pulled into the parking lot M said "No bad guys." She went on to say "No vampire bats, check." She got out of the car and scanned the parking lot "No pirates, check."

I love this little girl. Now for $40 I have dinners planned for the next 3 weeks. Nice!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Warming hearts every day

M is a great signer. She doesn't remember to often, but when she does it just makes my heart burst. The other day she was praying (another thing she is reluctant to do often) that the hurricane would not hit grandpa C. She signs each word so carefully and wiggles her fingers as if she is fingerspelling when she doesn't know the word, or if it is in fact a word we fingerspell.

Yesterday when we went to pick up G from school she was telling G about how there was a "crack in my shoe because a little piece of wood go inside my shoe!" The onlooking adults all had their hands on their hearts at the beauty of it. The principal told her "That helps him understand". M smiled and burried her head into the stomach of Pebbles, the 4 foot teddy bear.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

love the brother

One day M stayed with some friends while I took Geoff to speech. On the way home we went to the bank and got lolipops. When G gave M hers, she said "You see! I do want to marry him!"

Poor M wants to be just like her brother in every way. Including wanting to wear boys clothes to church and wanting to pee like a boy too. Oh brother.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Some kids play house

M plays "daycare."

As we drive around town sometimes we see a new playground and M says "Let's go to that playground!"

"Sorry kiddo, we can't. That's a daycare."

"What's day care?"

Recently I've started going to the amazing gym facility offered at our community. I told the kids it was daycare (all 30-40 minutes we're there). M proceeded to dance around and sing "I'm going to daycare, I'm going to daycare" (1 2 la li 3 4, 1 2 la li 3 4 You know the tune).

Today after watching "Elmo visits the fire house" I over heard M's fantasy presentation to her daycare class about fire safety.

"If a fire happened in the house it would be great because then the firemen would come" she said.

Oh no!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

funny things

Today M needed to go potty as we approached the check out at the dollar store. Hmmm. Luckily we were going to Hobby Lobby next which has a nice bathroom. So I asked her to wait and she said she'd try.

After successfully getting to Hobby Lobby and going to find elastic, she reminded me that she needed to go to the bathroom. So we hurried off down the aisle. We made it! I thanked her for doing a good job of not having an accident.

"I couldn't have done it without you" came the reply from behind the stall door.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

little knife

M has this little 6 inch butter knife we found at the thrift store. She loves to use it for cutting cheese, hotdogs, bread etc... Today she was playing in the utensil drawer. I looked and saw that the knife was in the spoon slot. M said. "I put my little knife in the spoon drawer so that nobody would (pause) recognize it."


Love that little girls use of "U-cabulary" as she says it.