Saturday, October 4, 2014

My favorite M

This sweet girl.  She is able to keep trying things like difficult piano passages, the monkey bars, and so many other things.  She has not been good with money though.  G is a miser.  He has $33 and he'll talk about how he'd like to spend it but in the end he'd rather not waste his money.  M has $0.25 and she wants to go to Publix and get candy.  She recently had a space maintainer put in her mouth so she can't eat most of her favorite candies.  She had $3 recently and begged to go to the dollar store.  We went and she wasted her money.  It's all part of a learning process. 

Then once she didn't have $3 anymore she saw some moon shoes at the thrift store for $3.  Heart break! 

So I told her that I wasn't going to take her anywhere to spend money until she had at least $3 because anything that cost less than $3 is just junk (or bananas...). 

We went to Tuesday Morning for a shower brush and she saw lots of toys that she wanted to get.  One was $3.99 and she's got $3.40.  So now she's talking about how she wants to save up her money until she has enough to buy 2 of the toys she has.  I'm so excited that she's setting her sights on a goal, instead of throwing away her money on whatever she can buy.  I'm going to let her earn a little extra this week. 

Seriously, if she can learn to love the one that's "best" and not just settle for what she can buy now, that will bless her life for years, if not eternity.