Saturday, June 6, 2009

What do we do now?

M has learned to climb out of the crib. So we haven't had a real nap in 2 days and I'm hoping that we can figure out how to help her learn to stay there. But she is so agile and it's tricky to negotiate with a almost 2 year old. I go back and forth between feeling like it is so awesome that she can do all the things she does, and feeling stressed that she is so able.

She is awesome at signing. It is amazing to see the concepts that she has because of signing.

What happened?
Don't know

When M wants to be understood she will keep at it until she is understood. Luckily I am psychic which helps when the sign and verbal clues don't quite ad up to anything I can think she would be saying. Last week when we were praying she wanted us to give thanks for something but we couldn't understand. We repeated what she was saying but that wasn't good enough. Finally we understood that she was saying "bounce house" which she had seen an ad for during the news.

G and M sign together and it is so cute.