Friday, June 16, 2017

Big letter M

M had a birthday.  She's 10!  She made and decorated this cake herself.  She also let me off easy and accepted a new scooter instead of a party this year.  We've got some things going on and I couldn't plan a party and don't know if one was going to happen later...  So we got her a nice scooter with big wheels. 

For M being 10 means she can ride around the neighborhood by herself and take lP along too.  Being 10 is special too because next week she gets to go to Grandma's house for a week and go to a day camp at the museum. 

M continues to grow and do amazing things.  Today she was rotating laundry along and accidentally brought towels out that were still damp and put diapers in the dryer before they had been soaped.  But like a champ she got everything washed properly and we were able to re-fold the towels later today. 

M is so patient with me.  I'm so grateful for this little girl so full of grace and love.