Friday, November 6, 2015


M loves animals.  She goes over to my friend's house weekly to sweep bunny poop, change bird bedding, etc... so she can have time with pets.  I love her work ethic.  She does get to play with the animals, and the work gets done. 

I recently realized that there is something called a Veterinarian Technician.  It's a 2 year path to a job working with animals.  I'm a vocationalist.  So I'm always thinking "What can the kids do in a few years that will get them to a job."  I'm not so interested in them going into debt to learn something that they won't necessarily use as a job.  I know that many degrees lead toward opportunities that are nice...  I've just known a few women that graduated with debt, and no job.  And I like being a mom.  I'm grateful that my degree led to a job, and that I didn't have to go into debt for school.  My parents helped pay for school, and I always had scholarships and a part time job.  Getting bad grades was never an option because then I would loose my funding.

M wants to work with animals when she grows up.  So we'll be keeping a look out for volunteer opportunities while she's young.  Maybe someday she can work in a pet store.  And I hope she can study something she loves.  I hope she can also be a mom.  I love being a mom.  Many women work and have kids.  I love being with the kids and teaching them.  I hope M has that opportunity.