Saturday, October 31, 2015

the costume that never was

M doesn't decide what she'll be for Halloween.  About a week before the date, she'll suggest something.  Then the day of, she'll change her mind 5 times.  Actually, all this process is spaced even further out from the day.  There are a lot of festivities here for Halloween.  We had a carnival at the Library and trick or treating at the local college on Wednesday.  M dressed up like this on Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday, she wore a horse costume that was too small. 

Friday night we had Trunk-er-treat at church.  M wore a lion costume that is too small. 

Tonight is Halloween.  We're going out in about 30 minutes and she's talking about riding bikes around the block.  Not riding bikes for trick-er-treating.  Just going on a bike ride.

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