Sunday, December 8, 2013

just like Christmas

On Friday night we had a little recital for M with her Grandparents and the elderly couple next door.  She was adorable and amazing.  She played "Stars were Gleaming", "Clair De Lune", "Long long ago", "London Bridge", and "Away in a Manger" on the piano.  Then she played "Hot Cross Buns", and "Mary had a little lamb" on the recorder.

Afterward we got to have her choice of refreshments, candy, and Popsicles.

Today in church she played the "Away in a Manger" arrangement for the Primary to sing.  It was so wonderful.  We haven't sung with a pianist for 2 months.  And it was my little M playing so strong and in time... I was grinning ear to ear and so proud.

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