Friday, May 13, 2011

Some kids play house

M plays "daycare."

As we drive around town sometimes we see a new playground and M says "Let's go to that playground!"

"Sorry kiddo, we can't. That's a daycare."

"What's day care?"

Recently I've started going to the amazing gym facility offered at our community. I told the kids it was daycare (all 30-40 minutes we're there). M proceeded to dance around and sing "I'm going to daycare, I'm going to daycare" (1 2 la li 3 4, 1 2 la li 3 4 You know the tune).

Today after watching "Elmo visits the fire house" I over heard M's fantasy presentation to her daycare class about fire safety.

"If a fire happened in the house it would be great because then the firemen would come" she said.

Oh no!

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Okishdu said...

You were a lot older than Margot when we passed the hospital which was undergoing improvements. You said you thought it would be great to have a job on the construction crew because then, if you had an accident, you would be right there at the hospital. What goes around---